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 Shou ,Usagi

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PostSubject: Shou ,Usagi   Fri Jul 13, 2012 1:16 am

({Human Template})

Basic Info:

Name: Usagi 'means Rabbit'  Shou ' means Soar or to fly'. Not much is known why his first name is Usagi, but he likes the way that it sounds. ({Nickname: Sora 'means Fly'})

Age: 17/ 18. Actually: 18

Physical Appearance:


Hair color/ style: Black. The style of his hair is straight and is between long and short. The strands of his hair in the back are a tad bit longer and thus cover up the back of his neck completely as well as going over both of his shoulder's evenly. They fairly cover his shoulders. His bangs are longer and they go evenly down each side of his face. One strand however goes in between his eyes and is slick looking as well as sharp looking. When the wind blows, it makes his hair go back which in turn give his hair a short appearance. When the wind dies down will you actually see how long it is. Usagi styles it perfectly as well as wash it. Usagi's hair is thick which indicates that it is healthy. Another way you can tell how long his hair is when he puts it in a small lengthed ponytail.

The main style of his hair is rather cool and sharp looking. From the picture in the spoiler you can sort of tell how his hair is when he runs walks and so on. Evenly flowing as well as free without no restraint much like his character. Usagi's hair is growing and he sort of wants it to grow longer. When he faces you his bangs in the right are longer than the ones on his left but they are perked up a bit to give him that rather cool and open look.

Eye color: Shimmering Dark Blue, with Silver undertone and shine. Usagi's pupils is between black/ gray. Due to the sliver coloring and shine does his pupil appear gray to even sometimes black when he is serious. They become sharper in detail.

Appearance: Usagi Shou sometimes refferred to as Sora, is a care-free individual who loves to wear clothes that show a lot of skin. Never would he wear clothes so revealing at school though. In the spoiler is his normal attire when there is no school or even on vacation. A short coat which ends at the bottom of his chest he does wear at school. Long sleeve shirts, T-shirt, Sleeveless shirts, as well as Belly shirts like the one in the spoiler. Normal jeans, to black pants with a ton of straps or chains, to pants that go to his knees to even his calves. Tennis shoes-Never does wear them. Converse shoes-he does wear all the time. Sandals- he will wear when the days are to hot or comfortable. Boots- will only be worn durning the Winter or when it is really cold outside. Jackets that zip up or button up are also short much like the coat he always wears. Does he wear normal jackets and hoodies? Yes, but during when it is cold to even when it is heavily raining. Then again he may just wear them to be cool on some days or occassions. Usagi does dress up for dates, funerals, and weddings. Though, his style maybe a little different.

School Days- Usagi will wear a black short coat with a normal white t-shirt along with black gothic pants with chains and a revealed belt which finishes with black and white converse shoes.
Weekends- Usagi will wear a black short coat with a belly shirt with cool black and white designs ( in Spoiler) blue jeans with black straps on his hips and finishes in black and white converse shoes.
Holidays/ Vacation- Spring and Summer are the same to the weekends but his pants may change as well as his shoes. Fall and Winter are different for Usagi may come to wear more clothes to keep warm.

Usagi Shou's clothing and accessories may come to be shared with you in due time, his clothes will never stay the same. On some days he may even change it up. Usagi has different colored shirts, pants, coats, jackets, shoes, and so on. So you will be seeing a lot of cool styles from him.

Height: 6'5

Weight: 145 lbs

Other: Usagi has his ears peirced with pure black diamond ear-rings. Necklace he always wears is a steerling silver chain with a well saved raven's feather. Known to have many necklaces, Usagi will wear them all depending on his mood or even what the day may look like. Then again, he may just wear any kind of necklace. Never will he wear the same necklace unless it has some real value to him. Rings on the finger he does tend to wear but only on his right hand, silver rings made of real silver. Once in a while, he will wear two real gold rings on the same finger on his left hand which is on his ring finger. The reason for the two rings on the left hand is uncertain but it may come to be known very shortly. The rest about Usagi's accessories will be explained later on.

Personal Info:

Personality: Usagi Shou, often refferred to as 'Sora' by his older Nii-san is a adventurous young man who loves to run and play sports. That was how he use to be though when he was younger. Now he is mature and very mysterious. Known to be a thrill seeker, Usagi will and mostly likely do tricks with his skateboard of black coloring on the belly of the board with cool blue and white sharp designs on the top of the board. Usagi tends to read a lot of books now, that even goes for newspapers to magazines. Creative in his writing, he can write good cursive and tends to write normally like that. Couragous, silent in a good way, he is viewed at as the cool type. Though, on good days he can be hyper and he may come to talk a lot as well as joke around. By himself, Usagi tends to be the kind of guy who stares out the window and will think long and hard on something which maybe bad if a teacher calls on him. Silent when by himself as well as serious, he can be a bit of person who ignores some people. With friends, Usagi is a different character somewhat. Kind and friendly, he will smile a lot with his friends and may even joke a little. Usagi is entirely different around his older brother named Akito, he tends to be a bit of a pest in a good way as a younger sibling and tends to rough house with his older brother though his brother never takes part in it.

Usagi Shou is a limitless character when it comes to his personality as well as emotions, much like the sky that his nickname reffers too. Some of Usagi's personality has been shared with you, but you may have more to see as he expands his way of thinking as well as expanding his friends and so on. Do not expect him to be this way forever, he may change so much that everyone will find it amusing.


  • Cooking food for himself and others.

  • Playing his guitar when he gets at home.

  • Skateboarding.

  • Browsing on his laptop.

  • Reading all kinds of books, magazines, newspapers, etc.

  • Shopping. Either for clothes, jewelry, grocery shopping, etc.


  • Spiders.

  • Mice/ Rats.

  • Thunderstorms/ Lightning Storms.

  • Plain cheese. Has to be placed in cooking for him to eat it.

  • Bullies

  • People who think they are better than everyone.

Talent(s): Skateboarding, can do really good tricks with it and uses it as his main transportation. Cooking, Usagi is a good chef and likes to expand his knowledge of cooking.

Habit(s): Usagi tends to shake his right leg when he is standing, this shows that he is bored or that he is impaitent to even when he is nervous. Sometimes to even always will he stare out the window in deep thought or day-dreaming.

Fear(s): Thuderstorms/ Lightning Storms.


Birthday: June 18th

Guardian(s): Akito Chiimura, Usagi's oldest step brother by 6 years. Usagi and Akito are the only family that they have for eachother.

History: Usagi Shou was brought up by his mother and his father with his step brother for quite sometime, Akito was Usagi's step brother which meant that Usagi's mother married Akito's father. The family of four have lived with eachother for a very long time. Nothing really much changed for this happy family. Elementary school years were the best for Usagi and vacation that followed each year was the greatest to happen to Usagi. Usagi Shou never really cared much for school when he was younger and that was probably why he liked to goof off and play sports all the time. The years were great for the still growing up Usagi. Before he knew it, he was a 8th grader and was graduating from elementary. Both of his parents were proud of him, even his step brother Akito who was more like a brother than the brother that was related by blood. During his leave of elementary did his step father have a talk to him about high school right when they had returned home. Usagi took his father's words seriously of course, back when he was in elementary school he always goofed off and everything and always seemed to pass by with C's or D's. Usagi's step father wanted him to do a lot better and so that was why he was having the talk with Usagi. After the talk with his step father, Usagi felt like a new man and so took everything seriously to become a adult. The beginning of his high school year was a little hard for Usagi but he seemed to manage by, and he even changed during that year as well. Reading a lot more books, working on his cursive writing until it was the best as well as easy for Usagi to do, as well as studying and working on his homework seemed to make his grades a lot more better which pleased Usagi's father and mother. To treat Usagi for his hard work did his father by him a skateboard of his choosing and so he choose the one that he now has today. To please his father would he always go outside after school and practice with it.

So much happened for Usagi as the days became months, and then sadly his parents were taken from him and Akito both due to a car crash during a very harsh winter storm. Usagi never liked storms with thunder or ligthning but he had never thought that a snow storm could be dangerous as well. It even took away his parents which made him sad. Usagi and Akito went to the funeral as well as the rest of their family. Akito and Usagi were all that was left and due to the fact that Akito had to go to work everyday, Usagi figured he could help him out and so he learned to cook for his brother as well as himself. As he cooked for himself and Akito the bond got stronger between brother's and nothing really changed their feelings. Sure, they still miss their parents but never would that let that feeling get in the way of moving on. Now Usagi has become such a fine young man both good in cooking skills as well as skateboarding skills. Still doing the tricks on his skateboard, he is still trying to impress his father who is resting in peace. Not much was shared at the funeral when his parents were killed, never did he understand that. Akito never really understood it either but they left it alone and are now trying to manage together as brothers.

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PostSubject: Re: Shou ,Usagi   Fri Jul 13, 2012 1:33 am

Whoo that was quite a read, but great character! ^^

I'm glad to accept this character!

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Shou ,Usagi
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