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 Umikami, Haruka

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Haruka Umikami
Magical Girl
Haruka Umikami

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PostSubject: Umikami, Haruka   Fri Jul 20, 2012 12:23 pm

Basic Info:

Name: Haruka Umikami

Age: 14

Wish: To be able to breathe underwater

Costume:I’m too lazy to describe so look the spoiler under or in my signature xD


Soul gem: When transformed, Haruka's soul gem is on her forehead, in the shape of a star. It is on a diadem.

Physical Appearance:

Hair color/style: Haruka has blue/green curly hair down to her shoulders. She has part of a fringe on the right part of her forehead (on the other part there is her soul gem when she shifts). She usually ties a part of her hair in a braid on her left side. (cf avatar =)

Eye color: Same colour as her hair.

Appearance: Haruka likes to wear cute summer/beach clothes, even in winter. The only difference is that in summer she wears it with sandals and shorts whereas in winter she wears baskets and jeans. The tops stay the same.

Height: 5ft

Weight: 91bs

Other: -Often shows up at school with wet hair, so you can understand she often catches colds.
-Has such a flat chest you can doubt of her age.
-As she tends to forget a lot of things, she wears charm bracelets where she writes with charm letters the most important things to do on the day.

Personal Info:

Personality: Haruka is really naïve, to a point only a kid can be. She’s also bubbly, hyper, optimistic, honest…you get it, a real kid. And she’s not really smart either, and never thinks before acting. She’s not so courageous either. But she would do anything to fight for something she approves, and has an undying faith in her hopes.

Likes: Water, swimming, honesty, her friends

Dislikes: School, wraths, liars

Talent(s): Beside being quite lucky, Haruka is a really good swimmer.

Habit(s): Haruka likes pretending she is a mermaid. Most people think what she says is just a game, but in fact she tells the truth on some points (breathing underwater, turning into a super mermaid to kill monsters, being in search of a stone to save a friend). She also likes giving nicknames (Kotaro has so many he can’t count anymore).

Fear(s): Losing her soul gem, being killed in a fight, having her parents or Kotaro hurt.

Weapon: A trident


Birthday: July 25th

Guardian(s): Her parents

History: When Haruka was young, she used to play on the beach with her neighbours. They lived near the sea, so their parents let them. So the three kids, Haruka, Kotaro and Kotaro’s younger sister, went everyday to the seaside. One day, when Haruka and Kotaro’s sister were about 7 and Kotaro 8, the three friends came across Kyubei (Kotaro could see him too, because he has a magic potential, but as he’s a boy he can’t be a Puella magi, so Kyubei only talked to the girls). The little fiend told them about Puella Magis and that when they would be older, they would be able to make a pact with him.
A few weeks later, Haruka was told she and her mother would have to go help her sick grandmother in the countryside. She was sad to leave her friends, but swore that when she came back, Kotaro’s sister and she would become Puella Magis and save the world. She stayed at her grandmother’s for a few years, until the old woman had a heart attack and died. After the funeral, Haruka came back to her old house. She was 13, so old enough to become a Puella Magi. But in her absence, something horrible had happened to her friend, who had already practised. Haruka did not know, so she made the contract with Kyubei, and became able to breathe underwater. When he saw she was back, Kotaro tried to refrain her from becoming a magical girl, because of what had happened to his sister, but it was too late. The only thing he could do was tell her what had happened to her friend, who had lost her Soul Gem in the ocean, and was dead since. Hopefully the doctors considered she was only in a coma, but Kotaro knew it was too late, unless they found the Gem again. So it became Haruka’s aim, even if Kotaro did not have any hope of her finding it.
Everything was alright then. But a few days after making the contract, Haruka started having difficulties to breathe, and had to go to the hospital in urgency. It lasted for a few days, until Kotaro, who was visiting her, noticed her Soul Gem was really dark and decided to clean it in the water. Sure, it did not clean it, but as soon as it was in contact with water Haruka started breathing normally again. Kyubei had tricked her: sure, she could breathe underwater. But now, she could only breathe underwater. Ever since, Haruka carries her Soul Gem into a bottle of water in her bag, otherwise she would die (NB : when she fights she can breathe in the air, of course. By the way, Haruka is not a good fighter on the ground: she’s slow, has difficulties using her trident and is not very powerful. But when she’s underwater, no one can beat her.)
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Magical Girl

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PostSubject: Re: Umikami, Haruka   Fri Jul 20, 2012 12:34 pm

Wow! I like the back story! Very moving! :D Can't wait to role play with you!!

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Haruka Umikami
Magical Girl
Haruka Umikami

Posts : 74
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PostSubject: Re: Umikami, Haruka   Fri Jul 20, 2012 12:40 pm

Thanks ! ^^ I can't wait to RP with you too happy
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PostSubject: Re: Umikami, Haruka   

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Umikami, Haruka
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