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March 2019
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 Natasha Hagane

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Natasha Hagane

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PostSubject: Natasha Hagane   Fri May 23, 2014 6:35 am

Name: Natasha Hagane

Age: 14

Wish: "My memories were stained with this crimson red of mine... Now, all I want is to correct my errors and become the fallen angel I am destined to be. Kyuubey, my wish is as simple as this: to be with my family again, with one little detail... I want them not be be WITH me, but WITHIN me. Now, let's get this over, shall we?"

Costume: Her costume is majorly cyan, with different tones of blue. It's open at the back, half-tigh-long and sleeveless. Her shoes are shorts scarpins, knee-lenght and blue colored, with dark blue markings, and a little bit more long white thighs. Her dress is cyan-colored with a darker blue stripe in the chest and in the waist. The skirt is light blue as well ans has some lace underneath. Her gloves are hetero-sized, the left being elbow-lenght and the right one almost shoulder lenght, both white in color, ending in two finger-less mini-gloves. She has a black ribbon with shiny light-blue stripes that holds her hain in a ponytail. Her piercing is visible as the ponytail catches her sidebangs, and the object turns into a silver ring, with a rainbow-colored espherical gem in it. She wears a black cape, wich has roten ends and a hood, and is attached with a black wing, with a shiny blue gem in the center.
Soul gem:(Where it is placed and the shape it is in) It's placed in her back, where her wings meet and they come from it. It is a light blue star, but changes color and form as she choses the element she wants to use.
Fire: red flame Rock: orange diamond Ice: yellow snowflake Plants: green flower Electricity: dark blue thunder Darkness: purple saturn Hell/ "real" Darkness: black triangle Heaven/Light: white cross Purgatory/Metal: grey G clef Wind: pink winged oval

Hair color/ style: Ankle-lenght, straight and spiky crimson red (blood-like color) hair, with two side bangs that reach her waist and a right-side-parted bang, that covers her right eye a little bit.

Eye color: Dark green, with some lighter parts, resembling an emerald.

Appearance:(What she usually wears besides the school uniform) She wears thight black jeans, all-stars, a long tunic with the american flag pattern with short sleeves and a thin and black sleeveless vest.

Height: 1, 56 m

Weight: 53 kg

Other:(glasses, makeup, etc.) She seems to put red lipstick, but that’s her lips’ natural color. When reading something at home, she wears thin black glasses.
Personality: She looks like an adult on the outside: calm, well-manered, polite and all. But when she opens her mouth... Oh God. In the outside she is a scared and sad person, who just wants revenge and her life back because of her family and friends.

Likes: Anything strawberry-flavoured, except strawberrys. She loves all kinds of food and loves to do radical sports and pratice on racing cars and motorbikes. She loves animals and children.

Dislikes: People who don’t treat animals as they mean to, to see someone crying, and sassy boys. Actually, all the boys and men in general...

Talent(s): Radical sports and arts. (coocking, cinema, drawing, painting, etc...)

Habit(s): When she is insulted she imediatly delivers an uppercut kick.

Fear(s): To lose her family again and to fail as a magical girl.

Weapon: Her main weapon is a sword wich can transform it’s blade in any element.

Fire: chains wich set themselves on fire Rock: diamon-made spears Ice: ice needles and a bo Nature: a big hammers capable of summoning any natural thing imaginable and that can grow and extend as much as she wants Thunder: a kusarigama with blades that eletrocutes the enemy and seems to be neverending Darkness: many guns, all different, with bullets that don’t stpo untill they reach their target or are destroyed Hell/ "real" Darkness: a death scythe that can cut trough anyting and opens a portal to summon demons Heaven/Light: A french sword that can purify at touch at opens the portal of the sky, summoning gods. Purgatory / Metal: gloves that wil soot small yet very sharp and poisoned arrows Wind: long, curved and wing-like daggers that can cut anything just by swinging them in the air, creating wind blades.

Birthday: 7th July

Guardian(s): Her family

History: I’ll edit this later, ok?
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Natasha Hagane
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