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March 2019
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 Character Creation: Akimura Miyuki

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Miyuki Akimura

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PostSubject: Character Creation: Akimura Miyuki   Tue May 27, 2014 11:31 pm

Basic Info:

Name: Miyuki (first, lit. beauty, snow) Akimura (last, lit. Autumn, village)

Age: 13

Wish: "I want to become free."

This wish led her to be able to stop her own fall (levitate/glide) for a short time, and superior speed, but never actually self propel/fly upwards.(because that'd be OP/godmoding)

Costume:(Describe what it looks like and what color)
-A general black and white colour theme
-White tank-top looking thing with hidden armor plates underneath (armor plates are pretty much normal human armor and does not do much against witches/wraiths. This reflects on her tendency to be guarded and cautious around people and witches/wraiths alike.) and black wing design on the back
-Loose detatched sleeves to hide her soul gem bracelet and crossbow
- Form-fitting black lether pants designed for combat, white wing designs around her ankles.

Soul gem:(Where it is placed and the shape it is in)
A silver-ish white (Titanium white?), perfectly spherical, on a silver chain bracelet when transformed, and its "Regular" form is, of course, the same colour and the standard golden lining.

Physical Appearance:

-See hair/eye section
-Her overall complextion is considered girlishly cute, which she uses to her full advantage.
-Kind of tall for a girlishly cute person

Hair color/ style:

-Short bobbed style partially covering her right eye (consistant with being an archer of sorts, her left eye is the dominant eye in aiming.), black with self-dyed silver streaks.

Eye color:

-Blackish blue

Appearance:(What she usually wears besides the school uniform)

-Hoodies. Hoodies, hoodies and more hoodies. She usually hides at least one knife or some other weapon she can get her hands on in a loose comfy hoody. To make her appearance more appealing to the general public, she wears blue skinny jeans to match.
-Perferrs to wear black in formal events, as to not draw attention to herself.

Height:163 cm

Weight:approximatly 100 pounds pre-Puella Magi, gets lighter because of the nature of her wish.

Other:(glasses, makeup, etc.)

Wears fake round glasses to appear more innocent, used to need them prior to becoming a Puella Magi.

Personal Info:

((This category overlapps with History, so I guess I'll just fit everthing into history ^.^))

-Analytical, detached, cryptic.
-Her speech pattern is soft and thoughtful, and has a very formal way of addressing people.
-Somewhat OCD
-A bit overly competitive, likes to "win", although she never admits it out loud.
-Likes to feight weakness by appearing innocent

-Hitting her target "bullseye" on the first try
-Research & reading
-Birds and cats.  

-4-lettered words
-Having to explain something more than once, working with people that makes her explain things more than once, etc.

Talent(s):(keep it to one or two please)

-Not really a talent, but she tried out many different instruments, hence her breathing exercises, but she was never good at any of them.
-Drawing, more of a hobby than a talent, I guess.

Habit(s):(nervous tick, etc.)

-Twirls her hair when trying to hide emotions or lie
-Likes to do standared breathing excercises before a witch battle to calm her nerves.

Fear(s):People around her dying (duh), loosing her mind, also she's claustrophobic.

Weapon:(only one, but can be multiplied several times)

Foldable Crossbow strapped onto her left arm (the opposite arm to her soul gem), specializes in ranged assassination and quick attacks. Can also form a hailstorm of arrows sorta like Mami's attacks, but sullies her soul gem quickly if she does that, further fortifying her status as a sniper/assassin.


((This also overlapps with History unless I'd comprehended this wrong ^^"))

Birthday: May 13th

Guardian(s):(must have at least one!)

Mother and Father

History:(explain your past maybe how you came across Kyuubey)

Her parents were extremely loving and doting, taking an immense interest in making her "artistic" and "athletic", leading to her being smothered in high expectations of her peers and parents. Being the oldest child, she also faced expectations of her younger sibling. While her parents wanted her to pursue becoming a well-respected lawyer, she wanted to become a manga artist.

One day, after failing to perform well in a speech contest, she faced humiliation at her classmates' hands and disapproval of her parents. Though this had happened before, it was the last straw for her. When she was aimlessly wandering in an abandoned building (to let off steam), she was caught in a Wraith Grid/Witch Laybrinth, and Kyuubey, who was lurking around the area, offered her the contract. Without hesitation she wished to become finally free.

With Kyuubey's guidiance, she defeated her first witch/wraith, and returned a happy Puella Magi. Because of her wish, her parents now focuses their attention on her younger sibling instead of her. While she is relieved for the freedom it brings, it also brings her despair because she's often ignored.

((I did not know whether this is set in Madoverse or Witch Universe, so I wrote in witch/wraith alike))

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Character Creation: Akimura Miyuki
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